• Basics camera understanding
    understanding camera settings, framing, composition and light
  • Lightroom & Photoshop for Photographers
    catalog, post production, storage...
  • Lighting & Studio
    understanding the pleasure of having the control of light, sculpting an image, drawing with light...
  • Reportages
    Preparation, gear, information, travel prep, subjects...
  • Outdoor and Landscape
    available light, placement, preparation, discovering new places, looking for the "special angle"...

Products & Social

  • Car training (News & Tech)
    product presentation technique, comparison with competition products and services
  • Hostess and Host Training (shows)
    preparation for shows, seminars, presentation, body language, customer understanding...
  • Social Medias (Facebook, Twitter & Co.)
    the use of social media in business, do's and don't, tips & tricks
  • Technology and Telecommunication
    using multimedia, understanding the evolution of tech products and the need to learn today to be ready tomorrow...


  • Sales & Customer Care
    do's & don't, body language, customer needs, evolution of customer communication in the last 20 years...
  • Behavior and improvement
    self improvement, language... 
  • Conferences
    Making mistakes, being creative and innovative, the next step to success...

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